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Substance Abuse Treatment
Many of Khaleidoscope's patients are men and women who are disenfranchised because of their dependencies on drugs and alcohol, and include a number of minority members of the Jersey City community.

We offer outpatient care in substance abuse treatment, detoxification and methadone maintenance. We specialize in addictive services and caring for mulitiple-relapse patients.

Behavorial and clinical counseling — one of the major components of the direct services we provide — includes group and individual sessions, as well as family conferences, positive alternative workshops and parenting skills workshops.

KHC counselors and staff are committed to treating our patients with the unconditional care, concern and support that will best help them with their recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment services are available only at
our 75 Harrison Avenue location. For further information
​and appointments, kindly phone 201-451-5425.