Get clean, end those relapses and take back your life. Our Intensive Outpatient care is designed to educate and motivate patients to break the chronic cycle of substance abuse, become more aware of personal needs and relationships, and find alternative ways of coping with problems. Clients learn to identify and pursue life goals in order to become self-sufficient and employed.

How it works: 
  • Each client gets a primary counselor and is counseled in a minimum of once a week sessions.
  • Individual counseling sessions help clients formulate goals, figure out how to reach them and clarify and refine goals and methods throughout the course of treatment.
  • The KHC Multidisciplinary Team determines if clients can participate in group therapy sessions that focus on "here and now" issues that clients confront.
  • Easy 24-hour access to emergency services, support and counseling.
  • Random drug/alcohol urine  testing is included as part of the program.
  • Intensive Outpatient care provides clients with a maximum of 20 hours of intensive services (includes at least nine hours of group vocational/educational/therapeutic sessions plus at least one individual counseling session and psychological services) three days a week for three months.